About the Neosho High School

The Neosho High School Gymnasium is the premiere venue for the Neosho Holiday Classic. The vintage gym brings an “old-school” feel to the tournament, while providing plenty of seating for the fans. The pictured façade, which was completed by Branco in 2007, serves as the entrance to both the gym and the commons area. During the summer of 2011, Branco installed new windows for both the gym and the entire high school facility.  Also in 2011, Branco completed a contract for the installation of a new HVAC system in the gym.  In 2015, Branco completed a new FEMA Shelter on the west side of the High School, which also provides 18 classrooms.

About the Neosho Middle School

In 1995, Branco completed the new Neosho Middle School, which contains a spacious gym that serves as the second venue for the Neosho Holiday Classic. The middle school also houses hospitality rooms for the players and coaches, similar to the hospitality rooms located at the high school.